I never post anymore...

But don't give up on me! I think about this blog a lot! And I'm actually making things. I just made two necklaces tonight; I've been making jewelry. I've got a series of artwork in the sketch stage and I am preparing to dye some fabric for a piece that will start out the series and set the tone. I recently put a few new objects in my Etsy shop. Let's see if I can find pictures of them. By the way, why do the pictures I post on here always come out weird? I'm horrible with web design. Even though I've taken classes in it. I get confused real easy.

Back to the series of artwork I'm conjuring up...
I had a dream that a raccoon came up to me and rubbed up against my leg the way a housecat would. Sort of in an affectionate way. In the dream, this raccoon may have looked at me in a manner that said, "Bring me to life." I have to do this. For all the animals and other life forms in my head.

Notes to self:
-purple martin
-feral cats?
-bugs, moths, butterflies

post to be continued...


These are the new things in my shop!!

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