notes to self:

Since no one really reads this blog, I figure my ideas are safe here.
-Scan pages from my sketchbook and make embroidered copies of them.


A good resource for recycling

There's this website I discovered a while back called swaptree.com. It's a great resource if you have books or music or DVDs you no longer want and would like to trade them for other people's items. Oh, and did I mention it's free to join? Anyway, you post items you have and make a list of items you want and Swaptree matches your items with other people who have what you're looking for. I just think this is a great way of recycling. Sifting around the thrift store or Half Price Books can be fun, but you don't always find the exact item you want and this website makes it possible to find what you want for free! Yay! Who doesn't love free stuff?

Here's the link for more info:



Pictorial Webster's


I was surfing the Web and found this awesome book called Pictorial Webster's! I want it.

And I just realized I have (read: had) a copy of Gray's Anatomy (the actual illustrated book, not the TV show) and I have no clue where it is! I think it's in my storage facility! And I'm freaking out a bit because I'm a little afraid that I may have left it in my last storage facility when I moved! Eeek!


From my sketchbook

Here are a few excerpts from my sketchbook. These started out with ideas on how to transform a t-shirt and then just kinda turned into some fashion sketches. The polar bear is a sketch/basic idea for a fiber art piece I am starting.


Ok, this has nothing to do with anything...

I had a dream last night that I was going to perform with Prince. PRINCE! I had gone to see him and the show ended and then he picked some of the people who had stayed the latest after everyone left. We were going to be a drumline, and he was having me play some weird drum with huuuge drumsticks. We were also dressed in purple sequined outfits with black feather necklines. I was so excited but this was supposed to be a secret... But I tried texting people anyway. I tried calling my mom but I was using a pocket watch as a phone. I don't know why. I tried texting on it but of course it didn't work. It filled with water and then with blood. I woke up.


I never post anymore...

But don't give up on me! I think about this blog a lot! And I'm actually making things. I just made two necklaces tonight; I've been making jewelry. I've got a series of artwork in the sketch stage and I am preparing to dye some fabric for a piece that will start out the series and set the tone. I recently put a few new objects in my Etsy shop. Let's see if I can find pictures of them. By the way, why do the pictures I post on here always come out weird? I'm horrible with web design. Even though I've taken classes in it. I get confused real easy.

Back to the series of artwork I'm conjuring up...
I had a dream that a raccoon came up to me and rubbed up against my leg the way a housecat would. Sort of in an affectionate way. In the dream, this raccoon may have looked at me in a manner that said, "Bring me to life." I have to do this. For all the animals and other life forms in my head.

Notes to self:
-purple martin
-feral cats?
-bugs, moths, butterflies

post to be continued...


These are the new things in my shop!!