Amazon.com is so addictive! So are art books...

I've been spending a LOT of time on Amazon.com looking at art/craft books. And it has the Wish List feature so I can just remember the books and music I want, and it automatically has "recommendations" for me of books I would like, which I end up liking, so I end up spending lots of time there. And money if I had it.
I've got some very comfortable cottony pj pants on and I'm starting to feel sleepy.

Oh, I finished a bag today! It was a custom order, but I still would like to put photos of it up here so I can show you what I've been doing lately.

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Justin said...

I read this blog. I'm glad that everything is going so well with your band and your handcraft site. I had your Blue Means Go song in my head since monday. Seriously. It's catchy. Anyway, just wanted to say hey.
- Justin